Classic Iranian Art With a Modern Medium

Miniature paintings are a form of classic art in Iran. Ziba Shirani is an artist who takes pride in developing her own contemporary art style from the classics. Pick out one of her beautiful pieces of art from Shirani Painting in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Decorate your home or office with a captivating painting.

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Handmade, Miniature Iranian Paintings By Ziba Shirani

Shirani Painting in Silver Spring, Maryland, is proud to offer unique, handmade Iranian paintings to art lovers nationwide. Ziba Shirani’s miniature paintings incorporate both classical and contemporary methods of painting, and are striking in their intricacy.

Ziba has been making art for her entire life—from her days as a child spent drawing and learning about fashion, to her current specialization in painting. She works in all styles and all mediums when creating her paintings, and uses oils, acrylics, markers, pencils, and watercolor paints to bring her visions to life. Originally from Iran, she takes inspiration from both Iranian and Western styles of art.

Ziba’s friends and family all love her art, but now she wants to share her passion with the rest of the world. Her captivating miniature Iranian paintings are available for purchase with or without a frame. Place your order today for the perfect artistic addition to your home or business.