Classic Art Combined With Contemporary Style

Ziba Shirani is an artist who combines a perfect blend of classic art components with contemporary art techniques. Shirani Painting in Silver Spring, Maryland, is proud to sell her paintings.

Ziba’s Story

Born in the south of Iran, Ziba Shirani is now a physician living and working in Maryland. Her love of art has been growing since she first started painting when she was four years old. Her art comes to her naturally. As a child, she designed dresses and emulated famous paintings until she discovered a style of her own. Since moving to the US to earn her MD, she has continued to channel her inspiration for art in the form of paintings and short stories.

Ziba’s Inspiration

Ziba is inspired by virtually everything in the world around her. Whether it’s in the colors, lines, or intricacy, you will definitely be able to see the Shirani style in each and every one of her paintings. Ziba hopes that you enjoy her art and understand the message behind every painting. She loves to receive feedback and discuss her inspirations, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments about her art.

What Ziba Is Working On Now

Currently, Ziba is working on a painting that captures the spirit of the traditional Iranian New Year celebration, Sizdah Be-dar. She is working hard to combine different stories and fictional people in the same painting.

For example, one of her popular designs depicts the Iranian festival of the Spring, Nowruz.

Purchase a Painting

Order one of Ziba’s paintings to add an artistic touch to any room. You can choose to have it framed or receive it in a flat finish, and she will ship it right to your door. Her paintings are priced at $400 and up.